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Create policy to safeguard cattle: Court

Create policy to safeguard cattle: Court
NEW DELHI: With campaigns against cattle slaughter being intensified by some right wing organizations, a trial court has called upon the Centre to create a policy and a foolproof mechanism for protecting cattle in the country. The demands for banning of cattle slaughter across the country found backing of the court which said that cattle needs to be protected not only because of health reasons but also because it is closely knitted to religious beliefs of a section of society. Pertinently, cattle slaughter is banned in most states in the country but is legal in some states.
The court held that, though cattle slaughtering was banned in the city, there were many loopholes in the law which prohibits the act. It made the observations while awarding life imprisonment to seven members of a Mewat gang in a case of cattle slaughtering. The seven men were held guilty of firing at police officials who were trying to rescue cows that were being illegally taken by them for slaughtering.
Additional sessions judge Kamini Lau also called for the immediate need to set right the mechanism for rescuing animals rampantly released on 'superdari' (undertaking) to those booked for the violation of special laws relating to protection of animals. The court said that people are taking advantage of lacuna in existing laws dealing with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, the Delhi Agriculture Cattle Preservation Act and also the general law (Indian Penal Code/ Code of Criminal Procedure) as these laws are totally silent on how these rescued animals are required to be dealt with.
"Under no circumstances can these animals/cattle be handed over to the same persons from whose clutches they have been rescued. Cattle wealth of the country has to be protected at any cost not only because it is connected to important issues of national health but also because its an issue which is closely knitted to religious beliefs and sentiments of a class of society which have to be respected," the court said, in its 538 page judgment. The court's verdict came in a case relating to an encounter between a gang of cattle lifters from Mewat, on the outskirts of Delhi, and the Delhi police in the Outer Delhi district on the intervening night of January 18-19, 2013, when the accused were trying to flee by taking away three cows, one calf and a buffalo from a dairy in Rohini's sector 16-17 for the purpose of slaughtering. During the encounter, one of the gang members died while a cop sustained injury. Prosecution said the accused committed mischief by firing on the police vehicles and when they were caught, they were found in possession of illegal firearms with which they had fired at cops.
Anwar, Ankur Kumar, Sanwar, Khalid, Tasleem, Hasrat and Asif, all residents of Uttar Pradesh, were convicted for the offences of attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy, obstructing public servant in discharging duty, assaulting and voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from duty under the IPC. They were also held guilty under the provisions of the Delhi Agriculture Cattle Preservation Act and Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act.
The court also noted that the convicts exhibited gross criminal apathy to the fact that their acts have the effect of hurting religious sentiments of a section of the society, promoting enmity between different religious groups and disturbing public tranquility. "They are brutal in their ways and known to hit back at police teams in hot pursuit and carry mountain rocks/ stones and dead animals which they brutally hurl and throw on these police parties as has happened in the present case," the court said while sentencing the convicts. It said Mewat has earned a criminal notoriety because of such gangs and as per the data made public by the Delhi Police they have shortlisted about 126 criminals hailing from this area on Delhi's outskirts in connection with various crimes.


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