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Scheme for salvaging and rearing of male buffalo calves
As you are aware, India ranks first in world accounting for more than 50% of world’s buffalo population and it has shown a positive growth over the years. Presently, buffalo accounts for about 25 % of the total meat production in the country, which is mostly produced from spent animals. It has been observed that about eight million male buffalo calves are slaughtered to save on mother’s milk and other feed resources. Livestock farmers do not consider raising male animals to be remunerative and as a result, the country suffers a loss of about Rs.75 crores per annum. High mortality of male buffalo calves ranging from 42 to 88 per cent in different parts of the country was also noticed. These calves could otherwise be salvaged for providing quality meat for export market and domestic consumption apart from making available hide for production of leather articles.
Raising these male buffalo calves will also generate additional employment in rural areas.


Akshay Sadana

Posted Date : 01/04/2015 Posted By : Admin